D-AIR® JACKET SYSTEM: D-air® is an autonomous (standalone) electronic airbag system for road use, which is connected and integrated in specially developed and certified Dainese protective clothing. The 6 sensors, electronics and GPS of the system are integrated into the Pro-Armor back protector so there is no need to install a kit on the motorcycle. The D-air® control unit monitors the sensor signals 1000 times per second with a sophisticated triggering algorithm. The D-air® system works in synergy with existing protection devices to shield the following areas of the driver: neck, shoulders, bones, ribs. The airbag is highly pressurized, anatomically shaped and has a volume of 11 liters. Standalone means that no connection or sensors have to be installed on the motorcycle. Limits the inclination of the head in relation to the neck and reduces the helmet movement when rolling.

APPLICATION: D-Air® detects and activates the revolutionary additional protection in the following accidents: Frontal and lateral collision: Impact on fixed or moving objects.

Highsider: Discard the driver after sliding the rear wheel.

Lowsider with or without shedding: Loss of the front or rear tire content followed by the driver's dropping. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, D-air® detects the impact of a fall and unfolds, if necessary, only in the case of one of the above-mentioned accidents. For example, the system does not develop in the case of falls below 10 km / h or in the case of falls in which the dynamic does not require additional protection of the airbag.

NEW FEATURES, LED USER INTERFACE: Redesigned LED control on the arm.

BATTERY LIFE: Improved battery life for 24h protection

BATTERY CHARGE: Fast recharge time in 4 hours.

  • D-Skin 2.0 leather, bi-axial elastic inserts for an incomparable fit and protective features such as aluminum inserts on shoulders.
  • Titanium inserts on elbows, and Elbow Slider Replaceable Slider System.
  • D-Skin 2.0 Leather S1 Bi-elastic fabric
  • NanoFeel® removable liner MATERIAL


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