With a completely new PB-SNC outer shell, the revolutionary VAS (Variable Axis System) visor system and a significant increased smoother area around the temples, the RX-7V offers the new benchmark in the premium helmet segment. From the also new Eco Pure liner with an even slimmer frame, to the new ducts, improved diffuser and the integrated Air Channels, every part shows the attention to detail that is so typical for Arai. Arai has continually improved the performance of the helmet by learning from real scenarios. Thanks to the new stronger and smoother shell and VAS, the RX-7V is closer to the ideal helmet shape than ever. If you liked the RXQ, RX7-RR or the Corsair V you will LOVE the all new RX-7V!

**PLEASE NOTE, THE AUSTRALIAN DELIVERED HELMET DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PIN LOCK INSERT LENS** as stated on the Arai Australian website, it is an optional extra.**

Technical Information:

Drop tests required by laboratory test standards are limited to a vertical fall with the helmet having to accept all of the impact energy directly at one point.

R75 Shape:

However, real scenarios are very different. In actual accident situations, most cases show that helmets hit obstacles at an angle (oblique impact) not vertically. Therefore, during an oblique impact, the point of impact moves as the helmet and obstacle move against each other. This changing impact point increases the helmets ability to better disperse and attenuate impact energy. This is that glancing off. Arai believes that no helmet can manage all potential impact energy, therefore avoiding or diverting potential impact energy with a rounder smoother shape should be a key function of a helmet. This is why R75 is one of the most important in-house standards at Arai.

PB-SNC2 Shell:

Super Fibre and other special synthetic fibres, with superb tensile strength and flexibility characteristics, developed for F-1 helmet visor panel, assembled and bonded by Arai experts, reinforcing across the forehead area (imagine the steel belts used to hold a barrel together) with a variety of carefully stacked and moulded materials. Newly developed resin creates stronger bonds between shell materials with less weight.

Diffuser Type 12:

New Type 12 diffusers are 20mm longer and straightened for improved aerodynamics, working together with the Air Wing to improve stability.
Compared to the previous Type 10 diffusers, the efficiency of the intake scoops of the new Type 12 diffusers has increased by 19%. The new air intake vents not only have more adjustability with three positions; closed, half open and fully open, but also help to improve sealing that decreases wind noise and water intrusion.

VAS (Variable Axis System):

The RX-7V has the new Variable Axis System (VAS) incorporating a moving pivot point. By combining the pin trajectory, which is based on an imaginary axis, with the two trajectories of the double pivot point slot, the shield opens and closes smoothly; even with the much lower shield mount position. A dual-function lever releases both the side cover/pod and shield pin for quick and simple shield removal.

IC Duct5:

The new IC Duct5 provides 11% more airflow than the previous Delta Duct5! The new bigger switch makes opening and closing easier. The new IC duct-5 has three positions; closed, half open and fully open to adjust the airflow and prevent water intrusion when fully closed.

Air Channel:

Enhanced air exhaust from the eye port area, pulled through dedicated air channel to side cowl-6, improving efficiency and reducing noise.

Full Support Interior:

FCS Cheek pad with ear pocket recess for speakers and 5mm peel away layer for added room if needed.
Larger space in mouth area for a more open feeling.
Smaller NE nozzle without reduced exhaust efficiency.
New emergency release tab positioned at the end of the release strap for easier access by rescue staff.
Improved comfort performance with better fitting while being easier to put on and off.

Chin Cover:

Attached to the bottom of the helmet, the new chin curtain helps to further accentuate the Egg-shape form. The curtain simultaneously blocks air intrusion from turbulent air below and increases negative pressure to enhance the exhaust function of FFS by drawing more air from the mouth area. The improved airflow reduces noise even further.

Note: All our helmets are purchased directly from Australian supplier and carry the ECE 22.05 standard

Arai RX-7V HRC Helmet

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